Services and Advantages

Innovation and research, experience and customization allow Copind Hygiene adhesives to combine the optimisation of waste with the maintenance of the highest qualitative standards during the productive processes, guaranteeing that the final product performs excellently when used and that it be totally safe for interaction with skin.


Copind Hygiene offers the greatest individualisation of their adhesives so as to be able to model them on the client’s real needs, both in terms of adhesiveness (guaranteeing the quality of the finished product) and in terms of researching the best compatibility with machinery (so as to optimise the efficiency of productive processes.


The singular non-stick wrapper packaging of Copind Hygiene’s hot melt adhesives means that waste is optimized and, consequently, so are the client’s time and productive costs.


Copind Hygiene guarantees, on request, the supply even of minimum quantities of adhesive to meet your needs completely.