Policy for Quality, Safety and the Environment

CO.P.IND. has decided to operate with an integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System that wants to comply with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001 - UNI EN ISO 45001 standard.
CO.P.IND. intends to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in force and always carry out preventive assessments regarding the workers’ health risks that may derive from its manufacturing processes in order to avoid negative consequences for people and the environment occur.
CO.P.IND. intends to move towards an efficient work organization system aimed at continuous improvement: therefore, it aims at continuous training, awareness and empowerment of the staff and allocates adequate human and financial resources to the implementation of this Policy and Objectives.
CO.P.IND. therefore, undertakes to respect:

the following principles for quality
• adapt and maintain a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard in order to increase production, organizational and commercial benefits;
• provision of the necessary resources to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
• complete and precise definition of the customers’ requirements and all interested parties;
• full satisfaction of the customers’ requirements and interested parties;
• improvement of the working methodology in every production phases;
• promoting the improvement and innovation of the products offered through the staff involvement and participation in courses, fairs and other activities;
• satisfaction of the mandatory requirements relating to the products;

the following principles for the environment in which it operates
• commitment to the protection of the surrounding environment;
• 360° commitment to pollution prevention;
• commitment to reduce waste and consumption of environmental resources;
• commitment to work in an open and collaborative way with local authorities also through meetings, debates and information;

the following principles for safety in the workplace and their healthiness:
• continuously improve the level of safety for workers during the execution of their works
• punctually comply with applicable laws and regulations
• the continuous identification and assessment of the risks and the prevention and protection measures
• the use of products that are less and less dangerous and compatible with the environment
• the involvement and consultation of the whole staff for the achievement of health and safety objectives
• the reduction in the number of accidents and the prevention of occupational diseases
• to allocate adequate resources to the implementation of the safety management system

The company's commitment will therefore extend to the integration of the policies, the programs and the procedures related to quality, safety and the environment and with all the operational and management activities of the Organization.
The Management strives to periodically review and disclose this Policy.